About Heritage Brick Pointing and Tuckpointing

Brick Repointing and Tuckpointing in Newcastle NSW

Heritage Brickwork Restorations is a Newcastle, NSW based specialist in the field of Tuckpointing, Brick Repointing and general brickwork restoration to period houses in the Greater Newcastle and Maitland NSW areas.

Heritage Brickwork Restorations are Newcastle’s specialists in the Re-pointing and Brick Tuckpointing of brickwork and brick repair to heritage houses. Over the last 30 years, we’ve been trusted by more Novocastrians than any other company to deliver outstanding workmanship at a great price. Our Tuckpointing and Re-pointing system are tried, tested and proven to last the test of time; not just a temporary “fix” given by an ever increasing number of transient tradesmen that often starts to break down after as little as 12 months.

Our Brick Tuckpointing and Re-pointing recipe has been developed by us over a 30 year period to specifically deal with Newcastle’s heritage suburb’s of Hamilton South, Hamilton, Cooks Hill, Georgetown and Mayfield’s unique proximity to punishing salt air; That combined with our attention to detail and passion for quality sets our work apart from systems designed for other geographical areas. It’s the reason why we are chosen by Newcastle’s leading heritage architects and builders for their own projects. 

In an industry where overall lifespan and quality of finish can vary dramatically, both our House Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Re-pointing system produces industry leading lifespan and aesthetics. In our “before and after” web page, you will see the dramatic difference we can make to the looks of your heritage brickwork with a subsequent increase in your house’s value. Our company is Newcastle born and bred, family owned and we pride ourselves on honest, old fashioned friendly service. Should you have any questions on what Brick Tuckpointing or Brick Repointing can achieve with your heritage house’s brickwork, you are welcome to call Andrew Vercoe directly on 0404577327 anytime.


Striking examples of our Brick House Re-pointing and Tuckpointing workmanship can be found throughout the Newcastle area, particularly in the areas of Hamilton, Hamilton South, Cooks Hill, Merewether, Georgetown, Waratah, Mayfield, The Junction, Maitland and Lorn area.

In an industry where Tuckpointing skills, techniques and overall “attention to detail” can vary dramatically, we are one of a dwindling number of craftsmen who still take the time to produce quality work, as evidenced by the fact that our company is responsible for completing over 95% of Tuckpointed house’s in the Newcastle and Maitland NSW area, over the last three decades.

Our staff take a genuine pride in their work and are chosen for their attention to detail and passion for their work. Below, one of our team preparing the brickwork a heritage house ready for brick re-pointing:



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